Comments about Okanagan Art Works:
very proud of your work! : Jeff Beier -  x-Facebook
(about December 2010 issue)
You have done a excellent job on putting this book
together. Thank you for this collection of Okanagan
artists. ... it now has a permanent place on our
coffee table:
Dave Watland  (about December 2010 issue)
Just  want  to  say what an  excellent  book  you  
produced..  I'm  happy to  be  part  of  it :
Eileen Sawracki  (about December 2010 issue)
my thoughts.... I do know that I thought the entire
issue was quite spiritual....  the soul of the artist....
 very special, and a great thing for you to be
interviewing the amazing collection of artists in
your area.... :
Carol Gresko-Lyons, The Paint Box Gallery, WI,
USA  (about the October 2010 issue)
I read each and every article, and must express to u
that I think this is the best issue. Wow what fab
collection of people, stories, and talent.
Marilyn Dotta (about the October 2010 issue)
Kudos for the great job you did on the article and the
accuracy of the  colour in the photos of my
paintings.I am thrilled that the texture shows up so
well. They look wonderful. My son writes a blog
spot and has always been fascinated by
journalism. His comment was "Wicked article.....The
writer has done well at telling YOUR story." So, rave
reviews so far!  :
Theresa Heinrichs (see July 2010)
Oh, I am soooo pleased!!
You are so very clever.  I am amazed at how you put
everything together.  The layout is fantastic and the
paintings all show so well.  
I am thrilled to be in the company of such
accomplished artists that you have found for this
issue. :
Diana Creasy-Funk (see July 2010)
It's wonderful that artists throughout our region are
learning about each other. There are so many hidden
talents! Thanks to OKAW magazine, a client was
able to contact me for work! Stupendous!
Lucho VeraFlores, Art Restorer (see June 2010)
Liz is a visionary who has recognized the potential
of introducing the many talented artists in the
Okanagan Valley to the world. As one of the artists
that has been included in this vision I would like to
thank Liz for doing such a great job. Each issue is
beautiful and captures the essence of the artist
featured..  Nia: wen (thank you in Mohawk) :
Lee Claremont  (see June 2010 issue)
Liz interviewed me for a feature story in her
magazine. She took a lot of time and asked great
questions and paid close attention. The time flew
and the result was a well written story with good
photography that I was proud to be a part of! I
would recommend her anytime to anyone interested
in a writer who does her homework, is professional
and creative. :
Ramona Swift  x-LinkedIn (see May 2010 issue)
June 2010

Cover artist:
Lee Claremont
Anita McComas
Charlotte Glattstein
Trevor Moen
Matti Martin
Eileen Sawracki
Lucho VeraFlores

Mary Walker
May 2010

Cover artist:
Ramona Swift

Steve Brow
Graig Warner
Kevin Zucht
Richard Smith
Zoey Taylor
Working Horse
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July 2010

Cover artist:
Diana Creasy-Funk

Deborah Wilson
Dennis Weber
Theresa Heinrichs
Joybilee Farm
Tina Siddiqui
Lee Carson
August 2010

Cover artist:
Lisa Lutz

Graham T Chambers
Doug Alcock
Cheryl McFadden
Janey Volden
Woon-Hing Manning
Wendy Penner
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September 2010

Cover artist:  
Linda Lovisa

Kindrie Grove
Jeanine Holmes
Arlene Howe
Leta Shores
Dave Griffiths
October 2010

Cover artist:
Kenna Graff

Bob Whitehead
James Hayes
Marilyn Harris
Okanagan Art Works - 2010 Gift Edition   

in conversation with  . . .
Cover Art winner
Cyndee Banister

Rosanna McDonnell - stained glass artist
David van den Eerenbeemt - silversmith
Jeff Beier - fine artist
George Traicheff - lithography artist
Ola Zuri - children's book author
Jennifer Hall-Simpson - book illustrator
ArtWalk - community art event
Cultural Exchange - a gift to Japan
How Safe is your Art - about copyright issues

PLUS:  all Artists and Authors featured
on-line from May to October 2010
included in this printed issue.


250 pages of full colour images
and conversations with 48
Okanagan artists and authors
plus taxes & shipping.
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Proud winner of


2011 Supporter of
the Arts
March 2011

Cover Artist:
Dave Watland

George Traicheff
Meghan Wise
Crystal Przybille
Cameron Welch
April 2011

Cover Artist:

Nicole Ensing
Lacia Vogel
Art with a Focus
Art & Culture
Okanagan Art Works
First Anniversary Issue

in conversation with  . . .
Cover Art winner
Thea Haubrich

Julie Elliot - printmaker
Step-by-Step - encaustic painting
Marina Henderson- silversmith
Nino Fabbro - wildlife carver
Liz Burnett - short story writer

PLUS: all Artists and Authors
featured on-line during March and
April 2011 included in this issue


100 pages of full colour images
and conversations with 14
Okanagan artists and authors

plus taxes & shipping.
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